Great Crafty Fonts - Where to find them online and how to use them in Make the Cut

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One of the great things about Make the Cut! is the ability to cut any True Type font you have on your computer. In addition to the fonts already on your computer, there are lots of websites where you can download free True Type fonts to use in your designs. Dingbat fonts, those fun little picture fonts, work the exact same way.

Here are a few links to sites that offer free fonts to get you started (I don't earn a commission from any of these sites, just sharing them because they are a great resource!):

Once you download a font, you can either install it on your computer by placing it in your Fonts folder, or you can create a separate folder just for your downloaded fonts.

Keep in mind that the more fonts you install on your computer, the more you will slow your computer down as it must load all those fonts into memory each time you use a program like Make the Cut! which accesses the fonts.

If you simply keep your downloaded fonts in a separate folder, you can still access them from Make the Cut!, but you don't have to worry about slowing your computer down.

To access your additional fonts, from the Text and Fonts tab, click the "Add Font from TTF File" button shown below circled in red. That will allow you to navigate to any folder, select the font and make it available to use in Make the Cut. The font will stay loaded until you close Make the Cut.

Loading True Type fonts for use in Make the Cut software

After you've found a few fun fonts to play with, it's time to start up Make the Cut! and see what you can create!

*This post has been updated from a post from a few years ago, with amazing new font sites I've found that are perfect for cutting.

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