How to score your papercrafting projects without a scoring board

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I have a score board and I love it, it's probably one of the most useful papercrafting tools I own, next to my electronic cutter. But for a lot of the projects I make, I don't have a straight edge to line up against the side so I can score my project piece where I need to.  So I improvise and I'm going to show you how. And if you don't have a score board, this is a great alternative for any project! You'll need:
  • a bone folder - if you don't have one, anything with a small rounded edge will work, as long as you can use it without breaking through your paper
  • a ruler or other straight edge - as long as you can line it up accurately between two points and hold it steady, it doesn't matter what you use
  • a foam mat or mouse pad (I use my mouse pad, you can tell from the picture on it where I'd rather be most days!)
  • The paper piece you are scoring
Place the piece to be scored on the foam mat or mouse pad. Line the straight edge up between the two end points of your score line. Run your bone folder along the straight edge firmly enough to leave an indent in the paper without breaking through the paper. Repeat for as many score lines as you need to make, then fold your paper along the score lines. And that's it! It's very easy to score your projects quickly and accurately, and without any special tools other than things you probably already have in your craft room or around the house.

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