Score Lines in our SVG Patterns

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I occasionally get questions about score lines in my patterns, so I thought it might make sense to just clarify here why some patterns have them and some don't. When I first opened my store I did a survey of my customers and the majority said they preferred no machine cut score lines to be included, they would rather score manually to avoid the appearance of the little dashed lines. So that’s how I designed my files, and I positioned the tabs to give a visual guide as to where the scoring should be, in addition to marking them on the diagram in the assembly instructions. However, I did another survey recently and this time the answer was the opposite, almost all said they preferred the score lines to be included. So, since that point I have included the little dotted score lines right in the cutting files. I have also evolved how I create the assembly instructions, as I have gathered feedback from my customers. I am gradually going back through older files and making those same changes (adding the score lines and reformatting the instructions), but as you can imagine it does take a bit of time. You should receive a notice from the store whenever a file you have purchased has been updated. I also post on Facebook each time a file has been updated, and I plan to start including that information in the Cre8ive Cutz Newsletter as well. And if there's a specific file you really, really can't wait for, just let me know and I'll see what I can do! :-)

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