What to do if your Make the Cut! project won't cut

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Once you have your project all arranged on your cutting mat, cutting it out is the next step.  Clicking on the Cut icon as shown to the right will send your project to your Cricut.  The Cut Project With Cricut dialog box will pop up, and if Make The Cut! has a problem sending the project, you'll get some error messages as shown below:

If you see Cricut Error: No Devices Connected:
  • Check to ensure your Cricut is connected to your computer.  See this post for instructions if you are not sure how to do that.
  • Check to ensure your Cricut is turned on.
If you see Cutting Mat is NOT Loaded:
  • Ensure your mat (including the paper you want to cut from) is correctly loaded into your Cricut.
If you see Cartridge is Not Loaded:
  • Check to ensure you have a cartridge inserted into the cartridge slot on your Cricut as shown below.  Your Cricut will not be able to cut any Make the Cut! files without a cartridge inserted, it doesn't matter which cartridge you use.

Once you have resolved any issues, click the Refresh button and you should see all green checks in your Cricut status dialog box as shown below:

Click on the Start button and your Cricut will begin cutting your project.  As it cuts, you will see the dialog box shown below, which tells you how much of your project has been cut, and approximately how much time is left until the project is finished cutting.

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