What is an SVG Graphic?

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If you read about Make the Cut!, you'll hear about svg files, and that any svg file can be cut with Make the Cut!  But what is an SVG?  The acronym stands for Scaleable Vector Graphic, or, in simplest terms, a graphic image that can be made as large as you like without losing quality.

Unlike jpg files which are made up of pixels or little dots of color (if you have a digital camera, your photos download as jpg files), vector graphics are made up of lines and curves, which means they can be scaled up or down and they will still be nice and crisp.

So what this mean is, any SVG file that you find on the internet can be imported into Make the Cut! and cut on your Cricut with great results.

Where can you find SVG files? There are lots of free resources out there, here's a great one to get you started:   Open Clip Art Library

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